CVPWS Objective

To further the cause of Aviculture by educating the members and public in the preservation and the propagation of all varieties of Pheasant and Waterfowl. Assist breeders to secure stock and/or market same. Protect the buying public from unscrupulous dealers and breeders who misrepresent or otherwise use unfair practices in dealing in game or ornamental stock. Cooperate with public and private groups in the furtherance of this society's intent. Distribute to members information on legislative matters that affect birds and breeders. The society sponsors meets and other activities.



Dues are $25.00 (Jan 1 through Dec31).
Members receive a quarterly magazine "Wingtips" which is full of helpful information to help you successfully raise birds and waterfowl. Articles are included by Waterfowl and Pheasant breeders who have had 20- 30 years experience. In addition, members receive a Membership Directory which lists our club members, their contact information, and the birds they have in their collection. Members can advertise free in our magazine, Wingtips.


CVPWS Meetings

The Club conducts quarterly meetings normally held on the 3rd Saturday of January, April, July and October unless otherwise noted in Wingtips. With the exception of the July meeting, members can trade, sell, and buy birds as well as be updated on current avicultural issues.



Designer Bevy Williams- Bevy is a charter member of our Club and a well known wood carver from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Over the years Bevy has donated some of her work to our Club and many of our members proudly display these unique pieces in their homes. Bevy once said all you do is take a piece of wood and take off all that is not a duck, bird, or whatever you are making. Talent such as this is to be appreciated.



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