Ten Years of Dedication to Aviculture

Comprised By: Jan Trader, CVPWS Historian


On a summer's day in 1987, Dr. Mel Levine of Rougemont, North Carolina paid a visit to Don and William Butler's aviary in Bladenboro, North Carolina to purchase a few birds. What started as a leisurely visit, feathered into friendly conversation of the possibilities of starting a bird club. Thus began what is now known as The Carolinas/Virginia Pheasant and Waterfowl Society.

After contacting several friends, it was decided to hold the first meeting at Dr. Mel Levine's on October 27, 1987. The membership was established on this day with 30 members. An auction was held that was fun for all and profitable for CVPWS. At this time, officers were installed as well as 2 directors from each "mother" state. To the best of everyone's memory these first officers and directors were: President - William Butler, Vice-President - Don Butler, Sec/Treas. - Tom Dickerman, North Carolina Directors - Mike Lubbock and Mel Levine, South Carolina Directors - Walter McGee and Stewart Kennedy, Virginia Directors Dr. Jack Griffin and Nash Archer. Mel Levine became the first newsletter editor.

1988: A second meeting was held on March 26, 1988 at Sylvan Heights Waterfowl hosted by Mike and Ali Lubbock which was located in Sylva, North Carolina. With approximately 100 people in attendance, CVPWS was off to a "flying" start! Don Butler was appointed as President for 1988.

Beginning around mid-day, the tour began of the aviary which included the incubation and young bird brooding facilities. A business meeting took place. Present at this meeting was Al Cuming from Watkinsville, Georgia, who at this time was President of APWS. Al gave a presentation about progress with the U.S. Postal Service's approval of suitable shipping crates for Express Mail Service. Al also invited the membership to come and join APWS.

Following the business meeting, the evening was enjoyed by all. The highlight being the evening banquet that was held at the Best Western Catamount Motel near Sylva. A short business meeting was called to order to discuss a few important issues. A draft of a Constitution was presented to the membership and after a few minor changes; a unanimous vote from the membership and the Constitution of CVPWS was adopted.

On June 4, 1988 at the Society's third meeting, Wingtips was accepted by the membership to become the name of the official publication of CVPWS. Mel Levine started a newsletter and when Wingtips was proposed, Tom Dickerman from Fayetteville, North Carolina became editor. Mel Nunnally along with his wife, Jackie, from Richmond, Virginia accepted this endeavor in December of 1988.

1989: Don Butler was appointed the position as President. On October 28, 1989, Bevy Williams from Virginia Beach, Virginia submitted a prototype of a proposed society logo and patch. This logo was published in Wingtips. This is different from the present one.

1990 and 1991: The first Annual Directory was published in 1990 by Mel Nunnally and has since been received by membership every spring. Don Butler was appointed the position as President for 1990 and 1991. Ned Sibert was presented a Certificate of Appreciation in 1991.

1992: Don Butler was appointed President. On April 1 and 2, 1992 CVPWS , APWS, The Federation, and Wildlife Conservation Society played an important part at an Legislative Meeting in Washington D. C. for the exemption of all gamebirds (bills H. R. 2540 and 25421) . Those attending were Don Butler, Mike Lubbock, Mel Nunnally, Bruce Bergbom, Don Meisner, George Allen III, and Don Bruning. This issue still continues to be an ongoing endeavor. Many obstacles were overcome and this was a huge accomplishment for all organizations. With a lot of determination, it is hoped that these changes will occur in the near future.

E. T. and I were introduced to be the new editors of Wingtips on July 25, 1992. On this same date, funds were raised to purchase the society's first copier. Over the years, Wingtips has become the backbone of CVPWS. With a lot of hard work, dedication, and late nights from many members this newsletter continues to become a publication the society can be proud of . With the assistance of Lorrie Bonestell from Holly Springs, North Carolina, we have been able to cut cost and give this publication a "new" look. Since Lorrie owns an advertising company, she has the means to computer scan our pictures for the newsletter. This enables more pictures to be printed at less cost.

At a glance you will find that the newsletter contains many areas. These include an upcoming meeting agenda, a President's Letter, New Members, Minutes from both the Officers/Directors Meeting, Auction and Raffle Info, Member Profile, Letter from Editors, Picture Pages, Classifieds, Business Card Gallery, Club and Business Ads, along with articles on bird related subjects both informative and humorous. Each Wingtip includes an application for membership and bird listing which is used in the Annual Directory.

CVPWS hosted the annual American Pheasant and Waterfowl Convention which was held in Richmond, Virginia. Retired Editor Mel Nunnally was presented with an award of a Mandarin Duck carving done by Bevy Williams for all his hard work through the years as Editor. Don Butler was presented the CVPWS hosting poster for his birthday at the Fall Meeting following the Convention.

1993: Don Butler was appointed President. Two At Large Directors were added to the Board of Directors. A magnet with the club logo was introduced and sold to the membership. Lorrie Bonestell was asked to design the cover of the Annual Directory with her excellent technique of drawing. She also became the society Historian.

Phyllis Ammons of Shipman, Virginia was asked by the new Editors to put together the Membership Directory. This Directory holds a most important part that enables the membership access to each members address, phone number, and bird listing.

This year CVPWS was saddened by the death of our beloved South Carolina Director, Dan Boone. Dan had been a member since 1988 and was loved by all.

1994: Wayne Hawkins was appointed President. On July 21, 1994, members from CVPWS ( Ben Keys, Mel Nunnallly, Mint Schlief, E. T. and Jan Trader), VA. Gamebird Association (Joe Casero), and Phillip Clauer from the Extension Service met with VA Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries to discuss the proposed $50. License fee to propagate and sale of birds. It was apparent that VDGIF was unaware of what this proposed change would do too many members of the bird world. We also were made aware of the concerns that VDGIF had. To date, VDGIF is working on a more suitable application and fee structure for the state of Virginia. Mel Nunnally stepped down as CVPWS longtime Treasurer and decided not to put his name back on the ballot.

1995: Wayne Hawkins was appointed President. ET Trader was appointed as Treasurer. 230 People attended the January meeting hosted by Mike and Ali Lubbbock, Sylvan Heights Waterfowl II . Microchips became available to CVPWS members via Wayne P. Hawkins and Don Butler. President, Wayne P. Hawkins established CVPWS studbook program. Club Library was started. On December 16th, CVPWS became a Non-Profit Organization. This was only accomplished by the hard work and determination of President, Wayne P. Hawkins. Board of Directors established the Outstanding Service Award. The 1994 Outstanding Service Award was presented to Lorrie Bonestell on (7/15/95). This was the first to be given.

1996: Wayne Hawkins was appointed President. Wingtips are approved by post office for non-profit mailing status. CVPWS granted Brad Hazelton, Curator of Birds, Fort Worth Zoo $780 for the project of establishing the masked duck in captivity. A donation to The Wildfowl Trust of North America in the amount of $50. Was given in the memory of member Larry Phipps for the continuance of education, conservation, and research. On July 26th after two years have passed, the same individuals went back to VDGIF to discuss the changes that were requested for fee structure and paperwork for Virginia permits. A draft was given to VDGIF and discussed. On August 16th VDGIF presented a final draft of an application form and fee structure. At this time, we are awaiting an upcoming VDGIF Board of Directors Meeting to finalize this draft. (Now Pending for 1997) . A donation of $100. Was made to the Patuxent Research Center in Laurel, Maryland for their ongoing Whooping Crane Project. We're moving up in the world. The society now has a fax machine! Phyllis Ammons was presented the 1995 Outstanding Service award on 4/20/96.

As 1997 begins, Don Butler is appointed as President and CVPWS continues to host 4 quarterly meetings per year. Hosted in the societies "mother" states members continue to congregate to discuss issues and interests of the bird world. Items discussed range from methods that can be used to raise funds for operating expenses, legislative matters both federal and state, to any business that may be important to the improvement of CVPWS and aviculture. The society continues to invite guest speakers who are familiar with the field of aviculture. Jan Trader, Bevy Williams, Mint and Dean Schlief were all presented the 1996 Outstanding Service Award on 4/19/97.

Membership agreed to submit a proposal to host the 1999 APWS Convention with the date being held in conjunction with the annual Easton Waterfowl Show. What an exciting adventure! With another bid accepted it was decided that CVPWS host the 2000 APWS Convention that will be held in Ocean City, Maryland.

A contribution to the Wildlife Conservation Society/Bronx Zoo was made in the amount of $1000.00. It was specified that these funds be used towards pheasant programs such as research and preservation. A breeding loan program is in the works involving CVPWS members, Don Bruning/Bronx Zoological Society, and the Malaysian Government. A specified criteria to qualify for participation in this program has been established for those who are interested in "adopting" birds.

The Board of Officers and Directors voted unanimously to give it's very first scholarship and the receipt was Brent Lubbock of Scotland Neck, NC who will be entering Wayne Community College this fall. Congratulations Brent on a job well done!

Wayne Hawkins became the CVPWS Tax representative.

Longtime member J.C. Evans passed away not long after the July meeting. A kind gentleman, he always attended the meetings with his wife Josephine and always had a smile on his face.

After a lot of work and determination, the bird licensee fee structure through VDGIF is now established at $12.50!! Thanks to all those who diligently worked on this!

A lot of changes have taken place over the years since 1987. Even though those changes are evident, the dedication and hard work of many people still remains to hold strong.

With years to follow, there are hopes that CVPWS will continue to be prosperous in promoting the education of preserving and propagation all varieties of birds as well as protecting the rights and interest of our membership. For without the dedication of Officers, Directors, and the Members, CVPWS would just "molt" away. E. T. and I are very proud and honored to have become a part of this growth.

As I close this, I am very much looking forward to the 10th Birthday of CVPWS. This celebration will take place at the founding location on Sanctuary Farm owned by Mel and Bambi Levine. Looks like there will be "whole lot of shakin' going on"!


CVPWS ~ The Next 10 Years 1998-2007

So much has been accomplished by CVPWS in its 20 years of existence. Where other small bird societies have gone by the wayside, this society has remained to be steadfast and strong. Though memberships have dropped over the last few years, the membership itself has continued to be successful.

This society has also had some losses of such dear friends, however we have been given the opportunity to make new acquaintances and new friendships. ET and I have been very blessed to be part of this Organization and hope to continue to do so for many more years to come.

1998: Don Butler agrees to be appointed as President for one more year. The membership awaits news from Washington on the status of the CBW regulations. President Don Butler contacts the US Dept. of Interior to inquire about the release of new CBW regulations. Still no answer. President Don Butler contacted NC Senator Lauch Faircloth to assist with the CBW regulations. By the end of this year and at the October meeting new regulations are released.

Wingtips takes on a new look. The first drawing for birds from the Breeding Loan Consortium Agreement took place. Micro-chipping birds become a requirement for submitting birds into ISIS. A special auction of member donate birds is to be held on the Spring Meeting at Ron Chilcoat's and it was a great success. Al Cuming was to be presented the 1997 Outstanding Service award on 4/18/98. Due to his absence, the award was sent to him. Al also celebrated his 80th birthday this year!

Wayne Hawkins was able to obtain an ISIS Program and became CVPWS ISIS representative. Gus Hebb from CT passed away. ET and I were fortunate to have been friends with Gus and his wife Karin. They were quite the colorful traveling companions when we went on group trips. Jan Trader is appointed to take the place of CVPWS Historian Lorrie Bonestell. Members voted to hold another bird auction at the 1999 Spring Meeting. South Carolina member Rod Cague passed away. Rod and his wife Dorothy provided their place for several quarterly meetings. He always tried to treat people the way he wanted to be treated with respect and honesty. West Virginia member Bob Lewis passed away. He and his wife Ruby often attended meetings. Ruby continued with the bird business.

1999: Ron Chilcoat is appointed President. Wayne Hawkins was presented the 1998 Outstanding Service award on 4/17/99. Deanna Reardon was also awarded one at the Fall Meeting on 10/21/01.

The Second Annual Bird Auction is held at the Spring Meeting. It was decided since this was not a success that there would no longer be any separate bird auctions. A tailgate fee of $20 was adopted for nonmembers or their funds would go towards their membership. The Novice Breeder Award is changed to the Youth Breeder Award.

During this year a lawsuit was brought against the USDA by a Pharmaceutical Company to change the definition of animal in regulations of the Animal Welfare Act to include birds. This was the start of a long process that went on for some time. An update on this was given by Jan Trader at the Fall meeting. After the comment period the USDA felt that the changes were not warranted especially since this could "add a significant burden to the USDA and could compromise the USDA's ability to insure proper care and inspection of species in other areas." Since this decision the case now sits in the District Court. More news to come at a later date.

CVPWS made a donation of $500.00 to the Torrent Duck Project. A survey of the Nene Goose, Blyth's and Cabot's Tragopans were sent out to CVPWS members. A report was given at the Fall Meeting by ET Trader. This was an attempt to get these removed from the Endangered listing.

George Ijams passed away on October 10, 1999. George had been a long time member of CVPWS.

2000: Jan Trader was appointed President. Don Butler was presented the 1999 Outstanding Service award on 1/15/2000. His father William Butler was asked to present his award. Wayne Hawkins recommended that CVPWS start a Scholarship Program. The recommendation was accepted and donations were being accepted. The Board unanimously approved a $500.00 donation to the Bronx Zoo to be used by the discretion of Curator Don Bruning. President Jan Trader appointed a new committee for the breeding loan consortium through the Bronx Zoo. Procedures and responsibilities for participation were discussed and finalized. The new committee will consist of: the President, Two Board Members and Two Members.

CVPWS was the host of the 2000 APWS Convention on the Delmarva Peninsula. It was headquartered in Ocean City, Maryland and held in conjunction with the Easton Waterfowl Festival. CVPWS donated $500.00 for this convention. With the combined effort of President Jan Trader and Vice President Wayne Hawkins, over $5000.00 in funds were raised to make the convention a success. There was an excellent panel of speakers to include Dr. Mickey Hall-Clemson University, Dr. Gary Davis-NC State University, Bob Adams, The late Paul Dye, Mike Kreger-USFWS, Brian Clauss-Patuxent Wildlife Research Center and Mitzi Perdue. Banquet night Dr. Mel Levine treated us to one of her hilarious bird stories!

On behalf of CVPWS, Vice President Wayne Hawkins present President Jan Trader with a miniature carving made by Bevy Williams for all the work she did putting the convention together. Bevy also continues to donate one of her carvings to CVPWS meetings. Over the years these Carvings have always generated excellent funds for CVPWS and it is with much gratitude that we thank Bevy for this.

There has been no news on any decisions on the USDA issue. A new FAA reauthorization bill was passed by the US Congress. CVPWS has its first website put together by Wayne Hawkins.

2001: Jan Trader is appointed as President. With the kindness of Mike and Ali Lubbock, CVPWS continues to be able to hold its annual Winter meeting at Sylvan

Heights. This holds true to Karl Mogensen. He always leaves an open invitation to CVPWS to hold meetings at the Natural Bridge Zoo. There were no nominations for a 2000 Outstanding Service Award so none was given. Members Betty Warren and longtime member Milton Demarest passed away this year.

Problems arise with bird shipping. The USPS contracted Fed Ex to carry their Express Mail which includes birds' shipments. Fed Ex refuses to ship live birds since many of their planes do not have pressurized cargo areas. President Jan Trader urges members not to ship live birds by Priority Mail. CVPWS donated $50.00 to the Bird Shippers of American to help pay for costs of a lobbyist.

Board member Ken Reardon made a motion to the Board for any new member that joins CVPWS between the April and October meeting be given a pair f donated birds. They must not have been a new member for the last 2 years whose membership had lapsed and they had rejoined. The Board continues to renew the CVPWS ISIS program. The USPS announces new rules and regulations for shipping live birds. Some more remote areas still continue to have problems with shipping. Board voted non member tailgate fees to now be $25.00. However, any clubs formally invited by CVPWS to attend meeting will be exempt from this fee.

Though CVPWS continues to be a strong organization, at the CVPWS Fall Meeting, President Jan Trader asks members to take the time and think about what direction they would like to see CVPWS go. The new member's bird donation drawing took place at this meeting as well. It was announced that the 2002 will be the 15th Anniversary of CVPWS and that meeting is slotted to be held at Dr. Mel and Bambi Levine's Sanctuary Farm, the original meeting place.

2002: Jan Trader is appointed President. Founding Member Dr. Mel Levine was presented the 2001 Outstanding Service award at this meeting on 11/2/2002.

The USDA continues to struggle with the inspection and the wording of the Animal Welfare Act. Hopefully once ended this would end any future lawsuits. On February 14th the Senate adopted the amendment of the Farm Bill (S. 1731) proposed by NC Senator Jesse Helms that would exclude birds from the AWA. Congratulations to Karl and Debbie Mogensen who were married on Valentine's Day!

Isaac Richardson donated some Red Junglefowl to Vice President Wayne Hawkins. Wayne in turned donated any funds from any of these birds to CVPWS to help offset annual ISIS fees.

First time in CVPWS' History the Spring Quarterly meeting was cancelled due to a Avian Influenza outbreak in the Shenandoah area of VA and a notice to do cancel the meeting by the VA State Vets Office since it was to be held in Smithfield, VA. The GA Gamebird Breeders Association was invited to join CVPWS at the summer meeting. Many states who had closed meetings had opened back up by now.

President signed the Farm Bill on May 13th. Problems later arise with this bird concerning birds and is still in a process of putting together some regulations.

Founding Member, Dr. Mel Levine is featured on the Oprah and Today Shows. He has published a new book. Longtime member Richard Taylor has passed away. It seems in the last couple of years we have lost such dear CVPWS friends.

On behalf of CVPWS, President Jan Trader presented 2 special plaques. One to Dot Boone and the other for the Wiley Boone Aviary that was founded in honor of the late Dan Boone. One will also be on view at the Aviary. Dr. Mickey Hall A.K.A " The Omelet Queen", cooked her "famous" omelets for those who attended the summer meeting.

Our Fall meeting date was and meeting site was moved due to the Avian Influenza outbreak that had taken place in VA. It was felt by the NC State Vet's office that it be moved to a more neutral site that did not have a bird aviary.

Another $500.00 was made towards the Torrent Duck Conservation Project. The Poultry Show normally held in Richmond, VA is cancelled.

CVPWS gets a new website. The new webmaster is Nancy Hann. Longtime member Deanna Reardon passes away in November after a long battle with cancer. Deanna was a dear CVPWS friend and always helped out wherever needed at the quarterly meetings and will be very missed.

2003: Jan Trader is appointed President, but will not run for 2004. Len Poff was presented the 2002 Outstanding Service award on 4/19/03. Nancy Hann was given the 2003 Outstanding Service Award. Since she was unable to attend a meeting the award was shipped to her. There will be no Poultry Show in Richmond this year. ISIS was renewed for another year. Longtime members Luther and Margie Alston and Art Dellava pass away.

Phyllis Ammons retires from doing the Annual Membership Directory. Jeanette Eby who is the society's Auditor along with President Jan Trader now does the Directory.

The USDA continues to work on regulations for bird inspections. They are still saying that they do not have the manpower to do these inspections. Shipping live birds through the USPS still remains to have problems and discusses. Bird Shippers of American continues to have the lobbyist work on these issues and CVPWS continues its membership with BSA.

Board Member ET Trader was invited to become a member of the National Avian Welfare Alliance and attended a conference in August. It may be 5 years before there are any regulations in place for facility inspections by the USDA.

Due to the retirement of Don Bruning from the Bronx Zoo/Wildlife Conservation Society the, birds within the Consortium were donated to the members who held them and the Consortium was dissolved. The VA State Vet releases a new Proclamation that all birds coming into VA must now be tested for Avian Influenza 10 days prior to arrival in VA. With this in mind, the Old Richmond Tailgate that is normally held in Richmond, VA and part of the Poultry Show was moved to Harrington Delaware and hosted by CVPWS. Other bird societies involved were MAWBA and PA Avicultural Society.

Comments for an AI Clean Program in the Federal Register is announced.

President Jan Trader presents an Outstanding Attendance Award to Charter Members Wayne and Jeanne Hawkins for their many years of attendance since joining in 1987. They are the only members who have accomplished this.
Wingtips goes color!! Upon getting new equipment Waterford Printing surprises Editor Jan Trader with colors covers and 4 inside pages of color photos for the Winter Issue.
2004: Andy Petykowski is appointed President. Jeanne Hawkins was presented the 2004 Outstanding Service Award on 10/16/04. Longtime members Ed Kline, Jerry Tysinger and Ben Brackin pass away. They will all be very missed.

ISIS Program was renewed for one more year. Due to health reason Wayne Hawkins resigned from ISIS Coordinator and passed the responsibility to Jan Trader.

CVPWS, MAWBA and PAS will host the Old Richmond Show one more year. ISIS Program is renewed for one more year.

CVPWS donated $250.00 to Matt Scarr to assist with his costs for a trip to India for the WPA International Symposium. USDA announces a major Avian Influenza Program. Mute Swans are required to have a special permit. Because of difficulty finding new meeting places, the membership was asked to consider expanding meeting locations to places beyond North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Board member Don Butler asks the membership to make the regular auction more bird related and to designate the January and October meetings for bird auctioning events. It was also suggested that a minimum bid be set on any birds donated to the auction.

2005: Don Butler was appointed President. No Outstanding Service Awards were given.

ISIS Program was renewed for one more year. Discussion from Jan Trader whether to continue due to lack of participation from membership. Will table this decision until next year.

Long time meeting site Sylvan Heights is undergoing lots of changes. A new environmental educational facility is being built.

President Don Butler announces that he wants the group to spend more time at the meetings focusing on arranging educational and informational programs on a variety of avicultural areas and less time on selling things and raising money. Too much time is taken up with auction and raffle. The Board agreed that an educational program be part of every meeting. The Board also discussed again holding meetings in other states.

The Board approved having a Bird Auction at the Spring Meeting. The Board also agreed to eliminate CVPWS funded catered lunches at future meetings due to lost funds, however a host may choose to have a local vendor to sell food. A notice will be put in the Wingtips for each meeting should there be food available for purchase.

Wayne Hawkins and ET Trader were appointed to serve on a committee to evaluate Scholarship Applications.

Charter Member Wayne Hawkins passes away. He was an important part of CVPWS and a very dear friend. His continual support of CVPWS will certainly be missed. The Board unanimously voted to name the CVPWS Scholarship Program the Wayne P. Hawkins Memorial Scholarship Program in his honor. In lieu of flowers there were many donations made to the program and one made to the Mayo Cancer Clinic in Wayne's memory. The Board unanimously approved a scholarship application developed by Jan Trader. Jan Trader, Andy Petykowski and President Don Butler will be on a Committee to review all Scholarship applications. His wife Jeanne Hawkins was appointed to fulfill his unexpired time as CVPWS South Carolina Director.

Washington Member Paul Dye who from time to time contributed articles to Wingtips as well as longtime member Jim Horne also passed away this year.

Issues with shipping still to be a problem. The lobbyist through (BSA) Bird Shippers of America continues to work on the situation.

President Don Butler encourages members to donate generously to the CVPWS auction by donating significant items and encourage members to keep their membership current and to promote the society to friends and those others interested in aviculture

Karl Mogensen requested that any funds collected from the Summer Meeting lunch at the Natural Bridge Zoo to be donated to the WPH Memorial Scholarship Program. Bill Shaver (AKA - Pigman) prepared the meal.

The Board decided to reduce the tailgate fee for non-members who come solely to sell their birds to $10.00 for any future meetings or ask them to join CVPWS.

President Don Butler agreed to write bird clubs in the Mid-Atlantic region to invite them to CVPWS meetings.

ET Trader continues to work with (NAWA) National Avian Welfare Alliance and keeps CVPWS appointed of any decisions. This group has put together an Avian Flu Captive Bird Policy draft that they presented to the USDA.

Shipping opens up for some bird breeders, but is still frustrating for many. CVPWS continues to support Bird Shippers of America.

2006: Don Butler is appointed President. No Outstanding Service Awards were given.
The January Meeting at Sylvan Heights continues to have large numbers in attendance. Non-member tailgate fees are raised to $20.00. Dave Bender, Joe Brickhouse and Alex Beck volunteered to collect funds these funds at the meetings.

Longtime member Robert Bailey passes away. He was such a kind gentleman and always made a point to talk with meeting attendees.

President Don Butler reminded the Board that they have an obligation to ensure animal welfare at the meetings and to make certain that all animals are transported, handled, and treated in a humane manner. Person attending that does not adhere to this should be asked to immediately leave the tailgate and meeting.

The new Sylvan Heights Educational Center is still under construction and the new facility is due to pen in May. The CVPWS membership unanimously voted to donate $2,000.00 to the Center.

Bo Mclamb contacted President Don Butler about some issues that arose with the keeping of mute swans in North Carolina. Don along with Mike Lubbock, Walt Sturgeon, Bo Mclamb and Dr. Carmen Parkhurst met with Wildlife Commissioner David Cobb about the rewording of the regulations of keeping Mute Swans. The Commission accepted the changes in an amended draft that states mute swans kept in private collections in North Carolina must be pinioned and has necessary permits. Bo Mclamb will keep membership updated.

Longtime meeting site Sylvan Heights had it Grand Opening Celebration of the Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park and Eco-Center in October and invited CVPWS members to attend.

On behalf of APWS Jan Trader presented Don and Ann Butler with an Outstanding Service award from APWS.

Jan Trader requested the possibility of CVPWS hosting the 2009 APWS Convention in North Carolina. This was unanimously approved and more info will follow at a later date.

2007: Don Butler is appointed President. Travis Birdsell is the youngest Director to be appointed by CVPWS. It is refreshing to see some new member participation on the Board and within the membership. The Board decides to terminate the ISIS Program due to lack of membership participation.

Board Member Keith Collins recalled the Directors attention to the situation of the AI testing requirements in VA that place restrictions of bringing birds into VA. The issue was tabled until the Spring Meeting

Though the NC Wildlife Commission will continue with the restrictions of keeping Mute Swans in North Carolina should not go to the General Assembly for a vote. Bo Mclamb should be congratulated on his determination on this.

The Summer Meeting at the Natural Bridge Zoo was cancelled due to an Avian Influenza outbreak in a commercial turkey operation in Virginia just north of the zoo. There was also a Proclamation from the Virginia State Vet to cancel all public bird meetings in the State of Virginia until July 30th.
Bird shipping continues to improve. However Wingtips delivery is becoming a problem again. Until last year when the person we had been dealing with at the Main Post Office in Norfolk retired delivery had been pretty good. They had actually been treating them as Priority Mail and delivery was much faster than regular bulk. This along with the recent USPS postal rates increase and the way bulk mail is sorted caused a delay. These different sorting procedures will cause more work for the Editor Jan Trader. She will however try and work harder to get Wingtips out as early as possible to members depending to when she receives all information for the Wingtips proof and gets the magazines back from the printer.

President Don Butler informed Editor Jan Trader in August that he had recently spoke with the Virginia State Vet while attending a Pork Meeting and will give the membership a report at the next meeting.

Over the years we have seen many people come and go and have had so many dear CVPWS friends pass away. CVPWS continues to be a strong organization and has many dedicated members.

This history will be updated periodically.

Happy 20th Birthday CVPWS

My, My... How the Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

by: Don Butler

It was a brilliantly beautiful autumn day, that third Saturday in October 1987, when we first gathered with fellow bird enthusiasts to do the bird thing and, ultimately, to form the Carolinas/Virginia Pheasant and Waterfowl Society. The meeting took place at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Mel Levine, Sanctuary Farm, in Rougemont, North Carolina. What a great event it was! From the very beginning, a spirit of closeness pervaded.

Just to reflect a moment about how this whole thing got started, Dr. Levine, a world renowned pediatrician, had recently relocated to North Carolina from Boston, Massachusetts, where he was on the medical faculty at Harvard, to join the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Mel had been involved for years as a member of a New England bird club.

After moving to N.C. he started looking around for others who shared his strange obsession for pheasants and waterfowl. He eventually made contact with William and Don Butler in Bladenboro, North Carolina who both had been infected with this strange "bird fever' for some time. Mel drove down to visit the Butlers and that was the beginning of a treasured friendship, one which continues to this day.

It was during Mel's first visit to Bladenboro that he asked whether there was a "bird club" in N.C. To the best of everyone's knowledge there was no such organization for lovers of pheasants and waterfowl. That being the case, these three musketeers decided to contact all of their bird friends in the Carolinas and Virginia and to see if there was interest in creating an organization of people who shared a common love for these birds. Calls were made to the known bird people in these three states and they were invited to an exploratory meeting at Mel's place in Rougement.

There was a lot of interested people and a good turnout for that October 1987 gathering. Approximately 50 people showed up at Sanctuary Farm and a great time was had by all. Many among the bunch already knew each other but there were also many who met for the first time. Birds were bought and sold, friendships were created or renewed, stories were told and a discussion about forming a bird club ensued. It was decided to move forward with the creation of the Carolinas/Virginia Pheasant and Waterfowl Society. This was to be the start of perhaps the strongest and most successful regional aviculture organizations in the United States.

Over the past 20 years the CVPWS has seen many people come and go as members but, over all these years, the three founders (Dr. Levine, William and Don Butler) plus a good number of charter members remain active in the organization. For this we are thankful. Over the past two decades we have been blessed with dedicated members and club leaders who have selflessly given of their time and talents for the benefit of the CVPWS. Other long time members have made numerous special contributions to the club through the years are: Mel and Jackie Nunnally, Jeanne Hawkins and the late Wayne Hawkins, Jan and E. T. Trader, Mike and Ali Lubbock, Dean and Mint Schlief, Andy Petykowsky, Ann Butler, Beverly Williams, Walt Sturgeon, to name only a few. Any attempt to name all those who have made important contributions over a 20 year period is virtually impossible but suffice it to say that we have been the beneficiary of the generous support of many truly wonderful members who have been faithful to the club and its objectives. To each one of them, named and unnamed, we offer a heartfelt thank you. Without all of your collective efforts CVPWS would have long ago ceased to exist.

As we anticipate celebrating the 20th anniversary of CVPWS at our October 2007 meeting we are thankful that we remain a strong and important voice for aviculture. We are thankful for faithful members who continue to believe in the organization and its mission. We are heartened to see bright eyed, enthusiastic and talented young people affiliate with the club and take on positions of leadership.

Hopefully, twenty years from now CVPWS will continue to be a strong organization and play an important role in educating the next generation about the importance of working with, propagating and conserving the pheasant and waterfowl species of the world. Rest assured, if people like us don't carry on this important work no one else will and many of the species we know and love today will cease to exist. Our work is that important and we are glad to have you as a part of our team.



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